Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nook Dining @ Harney Sushi

Harney Sushi is introducing an all-new social dining experience beginning August 5. Named after the private booth tucked away at the Old Town location, Nook Dining will offer guests a taste of modern and original cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Anthony Sinsay.

“Nook Dining is a fun concept that will allow both foodies and inexperienced diners to enjoy a variety of flavors and textures in one sitting,” said Sinsay. “I am always changing the menu and experimenting with new ingredients, so this will give me a chance to express my creativity while giving guests a taste of my cooking style. Not only will guests enjoy the food, it will also be a fun way for them to connect with other Harney fans in a social setting.”

Taking place on the first Tuesday of every month, guests will have the opportunity to savor a completely unique seven-course meal prepared using cutting-edge technique, inspired concepts and local and sustainable products. Chef Anthony will showcase an exclusive tasting menu for each event based on a distinct theme of seasonality, local events, or great eras in dining with a new and exciting twist.

The Nook Dining booth can seat up to six guests and reservations are available in even-number parties. The booth can be reserved for a private party or guests are invited to enjoy the meal while mingling with unfamiliar faces.

Nook Dining is priced at $95 per person and includes both food and drink pairings. To make a reservation for Nook Dining, guests can call the Old Town reservations line at 619-295-3272.

Take a Look at July's 10 Course Media Dinner Menu:

Nook Dining @ Harney Sushi| Chef Anthony Sinsay

July 5, 2011 | A day at the Fair

Cucumber| melon snow| uni| cilantro| thai basil

Corn In the “cob”| brown butter| lime| chile| kewpie yogurt| toasted parmesan

Aerated pretzel| ikura| celery| mustard seed

Root beer cotton candy| eel nigiri | mitsuba

Foie gras funnel cake|torchon au foie gras| reiger family farm peaches| maple

Beef tartare| animal style| French fries and ketchup

BBQ pork jowls| potato salad| cole slaw

Hot duck dog| the works

Kettle corn panna cotta| caramel| sel gris

Chocolate dipped “bananas”

Mint julep


Sweet tea

Guiness float| in reverse

Fresh squeezed lemonade| basil| thyme| rosemary| raspberry air

Nitro Strawberry daiquiri| tableside

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