Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happiness is... 2 happy hours!

Check out our new happy hour menus! Introducing our reimagined late night social hour and the BRAND NEW evening happy hour! Eat your hearts out!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Celebrate the Holidays with Harney!

Hook up your homies, Harney Holiday Stocking Stuffers are Back!

Purchase 5 $20 stocking stuffers and get 1 free. Plus each stuffer comes with a free dessert-- that's $170 value for $100!

Oceanside bar manager Ralph Yrure is back at it again! He's mixing up his famous holiday spiced red wine cider for our loyal patrons. Let a warm glass of this spiced goodness sooth your soul as we cheers to the coming of a new year!

Want to make a batch of your own? Here's his secret recipe!

Red Apple Cider

2- Bottles of red wine
10- Apples
4- Vanilla Beans
1-tea spoon Ground Cinnamon
1-cup of Sugar
3- Thyme sprigs
1- Corner of fresh chopped Ginger

Chop and blend apples with a cup of water, set aside. Add Ginger, Thyme, and vanilla in a large pot and add heat. Add apples, sugar, cinnamon and wine then watch for steam. Once it begins to steam lower heat so alcohol doesn’t evaporate. Allow to steep under very low heat for another 20 min. Strain out everything but cider wine. Add a cinnamon stick and more importantly and Orange twist for zest.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sweet Sustainability at Harney Sushi

"Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live, and let's change the way we treat each other" - Tupac Amaru Shakur

We at Harney Sushi invite you to join us in our dedication to sustainability. Please read on to learn more about the changes we've made to our menu and our hopes for you to join us in this special and influential movement of environmental responsibility.

Maintaining our restaurants in an ecologically responsible manner as possible by not using ingredients that are either over fished or that in their production have a negative impact on the environment.


The traditional cuisine of sushi is destroying our oceans. We are acutely aware that the restaurant industry has a very harmful impact on the environment; therefore, we will now strive to maintain ecological integrity at Harney Sushi. We have chosen the path less taken and are doing our best to abstain from the use of over-fished and environmentally harmful ingredients. As a result, our vast menu does not offer traditional sushi ingredients such as Toro, Bluefin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, certain Yellowfin, Unagi, Red Snapper, Hamachi, Maine Sea Urchin, and Octopus. With this new ethos, Harney Sushi appeals to the growing population of sushi lovers who care enough about our planet to change the way they eat; they realize that consumerism, along with the public zeal for exotic seafood, is sucking the breath out of our oceans. Together, with our enlightened customers, we strive to eat in such a way that is nourishing for our bodies, our planet, and our souls.

Elle Communications PRESS RELEASE:

Harney Sushi is proud to announce its recent transition to a sustainable seafood menu at its Old Town and Oceanside locations.

Inspired after lengthy research on sustainable seafood, owner Dustin Summerville and chefs Anthony Sinsay and Robert Ruiz collectively realized the impact their busy restaurants have on the environment, and the importance of being environmentally responsible.

“We have always been committed to serving the highest quality food to our customers, and we’re proud to announce that our commitment is now expanding to include responsibly-sourced seafood,” said Summerville. “We want to provide San Diego’s eco-savvy eaters a socially-responsible menu that certainly doesn’t skimp on flavor or fun.”

The sustainable seafood transition of the Harney Sushi menu includes eliminating traditional sushi ingredients, such as Toro, Bluefin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, certain types of Yellowfin, Unagi, Red Snapper, Hamachi, Maine Sea Urchin, and Octopus. High-in-demand, but short-in-supply, these specific types of fish deplete resources that prevent them from establishing systems of sustainability.

“With this new ethos, Harney Sushi appeals to a growing population of sushi lovers who care enough about our planet to change the way they eat. Together with our customers, we strive to eat in such a way that is nourishing for our bodies, our planet, and our souls.”

For more information about Harney Sushi, please visit


We are now only serving sustainable, traceable, seafood which include but not limited to the following:

Black Cod (sablefish or faux-nagi)
Farm raised in British Columbia is a sustainable substitute for eel (unagi)

Kona Blue Kampachi
Sustainably raised by Kona Blue Water Farms, Kona Kampachi® is a Hawaiian yellowtail that is open ocean grown in the pristine waters off the Kona Coast of the Big Island

Fisherman’s Daughter Wild Caught Shrimp
Wild-Caught Shrimp from the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, using lighter gear for less habitat destruction and lower fuel consumption, and advanced bycatch reduction devices that leave more fish, turtles and marine mammals in the sea.

Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon (saikou)
Mt. Cook Alpine salmon are eco-sustainably farmed and raised in near perfect growing conditions, high in the Alps in the South Island of New Zealand, with plenty of space, clean fast flowing water. They do not use antibiotics, vaccines, growth hormones, anesthetizing agents, or anything on the farm that can pollute our pristine water.

U.S. and Canadian North Pacific Pole and line caught Albacore
There is little or no bycatch when albacore is caught with troll or pole gear. While albacore in the Pacific Ocean is reasonably abundant and healthy

Striped Sea Bass
Atlantic striped bass are at record levels as a result of effective fishery management and strong conservation actions. Striped bass farms in the U.S. are well-managed. Bass farms are usually located inland, so ocean pollution from discharge of wastewater is not a factor. Since there are no wild hybrid striped bass, disease or escape is not a risk to wild populations.

Pole and Line caught Yellow fin Tuna
Our Yellow fin tuna is Line caught off the coast of General Santos, Philippines and is able to be fished year round because of its responsible, traditional Hand line catching methods this eliminates catching other species like dolphins and also prevents from over fishing.

Locally grown and Sourced Produce
Our produce is grown in surrounding Farms such as Suzie’s Farms, Polito Family Farms, McGrath and Yasutomi Farms and many others, as well as from Our Neighbor’s Organic Garden. We Pride ourselves in being able to use the freshest local produce to enhance our Guests experience.

Our Meats
Farm producers raise their animals in a healthy, environmentally friendly manner, and have all committed themselves to a strict code of responsible and humane animal husbandry. No antibiotics or hormones are used to promote unnatural growth
• Raised with room to move - No confined spaces
• Fed a wholesome, all vegetarian, grain based diet
• Grown in a manner to minimize stress
• Locally purchased when ever possible

We are making our sustainable product choices in accordance with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guide.
This can be found here:

Download your pocket guide here:



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nook Dining @ Harney Sushi

Harney Sushi is introducing an all-new social dining experience beginning August 5. Named after the private booth tucked away at the Old Town location, Nook Dining will offer guests a taste of modern and original cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Anthony Sinsay.

“Nook Dining is a fun concept that will allow both foodies and inexperienced diners to enjoy a variety of flavors and textures in one sitting,” said Sinsay. “I am always changing the menu and experimenting with new ingredients, so this will give me a chance to express my creativity while giving guests a taste of my cooking style. Not only will guests enjoy the food, it will also be a fun way for them to connect with other Harney fans in a social setting.”

Taking place on the first Tuesday of every month, guests will have the opportunity to savor a completely unique seven-course meal prepared using cutting-edge technique, inspired concepts and local and sustainable products. Chef Anthony will showcase an exclusive tasting menu for each event based on a distinct theme of seasonality, local events, or great eras in dining with a new and exciting twist.

The Nook Dining booth can seat up to six guests and reservations are available in even-number parties. The booth can be reserved for a private party or guests are invited to enjoy the meal while mingling with unfamiliar faces.

Nook Dining is priced at $95 per person and includes both food and drink pairings. To make a reservation for Nook Dining, guests can call the Old Town reservations line at 619-295-3272.

Take a Look at July's 10 Course Media Dinner Menu:

Nook Dining @ Harney Sushi| Chef Anthony Sinsay

July 5, 2011 | A day at the Fair

Cucumber| melon snow| uni| cilantro| thai basil

Corn In the “cob”| brown butter| lime| chile| kewpie yogurt| toasted parmesan

Aerated pretzel| ikura| celery| mustard seed

Root beer cotton candy| eel nigiri | mitsuba

Foie gras funnel cake|torchon au foie gras| reiger family farm peaches| maple

Beef tartare| animal style| French fries and ketchup

BBQ pork jowls| potato salad| cole slaw

Hot duck dog| the works

Kettle corn panna cotta| caramel| sel gris

Chocolate dipped “bananas”

Mint julep


Sweet tea

Guiness float| in reverse

Fresh squeezed lemonade| basil| thyme| rosemary| raspberry air

Nitro Strawberry daiquiri| tableside

Media Reviews:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Harney Sushi App

It's Flaming Lip February!

Download the Harney Sushi iPhone App to have our menu at the palm of your hands plus get exclusive monthly offers. This month: get a free flaming lip Sun-Wed with $15 purchase at our Old Town or Oceanside location.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Harney Re-Evolution

Over the past two years at Harney our staff has made strides to evolve ourselves into better cooks and better chefs. As a whole I believe that we have learned, grown and found a way to reignite flames in ourselves with curiosity. In short our passion and commitment for what we do is stronger than ever. We have spent the past few months finding ways to evolve our techniques and understand the how’s and why’s of our food. Why something tastes good? Why it becomes a particular texture? How we can achieve the best results?

Our Owners Dustin and Kirk understand this evolution and with our tenth year approaching have decided that it’s time for a new era to begin at Harney. A new look but familiar feel is taking place in the walls of our Flagship restaurant. This will translate itself onto our menus at Harney. Classics re interpreted with familiar flavors and new presentations will take center stage on our dynamic new menu. Seasonality will take large roles in our ever changing dishes. Local produce is a passion of mine and proper techniques take over. We have established our kitchens as progressive and forward thinking, in this menu we will showcase good honest cooking with attention to detail and an emphasis on great ingredients with a few surprises and tricks thrown in for good measure. More thought and composition will go into these small plates so that it reflects the playfulness and whimsy we have with our food. For the New Year we offer a fresh start, fresh look and fresh approach. Drop date will be announced soon, Stay tuned! Happy New Year!

-Executive Chef Anthony Sinsay

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We want to hear your Harney stories!

This spring will mark Harney Sushi’s 10th Anniversary. We’ve come a long way and couldn’t have done it without you, our loyal customers. To honor this momentous occasion, we are collecting “Harney Stories”—tales of special moments shared in our restaurants. Finalist story-tellers will be invited to our exclusive VIP Harney Sushi 10 Year Anniversary Party on Tuesday April 26th, where the overall winner will be awarded a $250 Harney Sushi gift card. First dates, marriage proposals, milestones, crazy experiences, epic nights… share your story and feel free to attach photos. Once submitted, all stories and photos become property of Harney Sushi and we reserve the right to reproduce and/or use them for marketing purposes.

Send your story to with "My Harney Story" as the subject. Don't forget to title your work! Creativity is encouraged :)